5 Tips on How to Select the Right Architect

I have worked with clients for so many years and they all ask me the same thing, “how do I choose the right architect for the job?” Well, that really depends on what you need in your building.

I can point you to the best architecture companies in Malaysia, but before you can actually talk to the architect, it is important that you put forth your requirements first and foremost.

The best scenario where the architect comes in is during the initial stages of the building. In other words, you need to employ an architect before you have your building created since they will be the ones that will create the necessary blueprint for your contractors to follow.

That being said, here are some useful tips to help you select the right architect for you:

Find Architect Directories

Remember that architects are licensed professionals which means that every country will always have a directory full of them. This can help you fast track your search since you do not have to scour many different websites on the internet.

That being said, a typical directory entry will list the name of the architect, the firm they work in, work experience, contact information, and other pertinent details. That is why this is a good place to start.

Choose Between a Firm or an Independent Architect

When choosing the right architect for the job, you have to contemplate whether you want to get some from a firm or if you want an independent architect.

There are clear advantages and disadvantages between the two. For instance, if you are getting some from an established company, you can rest assured that they are going to be safe and would adhere to the standards set by the firm. Unfortunately, doing so might prove to be more expensive; something that not a lot of people do not have the budget for.

If you are going for the independent route, you are going to work with an architect that does not have to follow the guidelines set by a company, but would still apply the ethical standards that are set by their profession, in general. This is the more inexpensive route, but just make sure that you conduct a background check first.

Good Design is All About Tinkering

The problem with some architects, especially those that are working in a firm, is that they usually have a “cookie-cutter” approach when they are presented with certain scenarios. This could be a problem if you want a more idealistic and unique approach to design.

Look, ‘good design’ is basically one that is tailor-made to your preferences and if someone or a firm manages to comply with your demands, then you are going to be one happy customer.

Clear Communication

After the architect creates the initial design of your building, they will then foresee the entire operations to ensure that everything is according to your specification.

That being said, you have to establish clear communication with your chosen firm or independent architect since failure to communicate would likely result in things that are not really in line with your vision.


What better way to find out if a particular firm or independent architect is good than real peoples’ accounts? Ask for references from the people that you know- parents, friends, work associates, etc.


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