Creative Ways to Increase Light in Your Room

You may not have it in abundance but clever hacks from home will make the most of what you have. There are many home makeover tips and guides on how to maximize the light in your room. Here are proven and creative ways on how to enhance the light inside your room:

Use Natural Light

Windows is your primary control point. First steps are simple, but often neglected: give a good clean window glass inside and out, and trim back any plants or bushes that block the sun.

There’s a complex raft of’ treatments’ –blinds, shutters, curtains, screens, tracks, poles, headings, and more.

When necessary shop with a professional–preferably one that will come with samples and advise, measure and install at your home.

What do you think of your window? Homes usually have large living-room bays. Curtains on either side stacked back can look serious, and may expose you to nosy passers-by.

On a double track, you might add sheers; you can have a made-to-measure curtain frame, or a sleek curtain line. The insulating lining makes cold rooms warm-and cool hot rooms.

Four narrow curtains with a close heading will set the form of the window off for period windows set inside beautiful wooden frames.

Blinds are versatile: plisse shades will keep the rooms cool, and black-out blinds are perfect for the rooms and the rooms for children.

Big, flat windows look better with, say, three blinds instead of one big slab. Rooms flooded with light may need voile shading and opaque blinds. Blinds dim-out reflect light outward.

Use pale paint colors in darker rooms, particularly for walls opposite windows-and don’t have large dark artwork. Remove rugged brilliant white-go for lighter shades of cream or plaster. Paint a few shades brighter ceilings.

Use Mirrors

Keeping the same color on the walls, woodwork and ceilings makes a room appear spacious. Bouncing light makes the rooms clear and warm. Hanging a large mirror in front of your window is an old trick-choose a beautiful frame or a bevelled side.

And just be a little more subtle. Include a mirror in a photo gallery wall-perhaps around one, breaking up your photos. Have mirrored (small tables or a chest) furniture.

Collect and hang mirrors from junk / charity stores within a party. Add mirrors or a series of cupboards to door panels.

Use mirrors at the shelving units rear. But to see yourself mirrored too strongly from a sofa or dining table is disconcerting, so bear that in mind.

Add Glass and Metallic Lights

Get in some polish–but keep matt walls to prevent glare (and everyflaw would show up in shiny walls). But the light will pick up a trade gloss finish for skirtings and doors (to match your wall colour).

Small pieces of furniture can be covered in bright paint-yellow and blue fit really well. Glass-topped tables also give an airy look, just as acrylic chairs do see through. Get gloss bathroom and kitchen cabinets.

And don’t think about those metals. Copper and bronze have that wonderful warm glow, as does gold and gold, which is ideal for rooms of the time. The silvery finishes are sharper and cooler.

Yet most of all, chrome is highly polished. Using metals for light fittings, frames for furniture, and for small touches such as handles, frames for portraits and paintings, and lamp bases.

Metallic wallpapers can be beautiful and return for the maximalist living rooms. At the back of dark rooms, you can install subtle lighting–up lighters or a LED bar, with warm daylight bulbs.


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