How to Know if Someone is Cheating when Gambling

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It is really annoying when you lose a big amount in gambling. This is why, one should just treat this as something fun and will just bet smaller amounts. This way if you lose, you won’t need to have a bad day. 

Are you a gambler? Where do you bet? Is it in real casinos? Are they now open in your area? Some casinos are still close, and this is why gamblers just do their betting in an online casino. This is as fun as the conventional ones and sometimes, even more comfortable at that. 

The thing with gambling is there are so many cheaters in a casino, both in online and in a conventional one. How do you know if someone is cheating? Here are some pointers:

  • First sign is when someone is playing too long like 12 hours or more. When this happens in a live casino online Malaysia, there is a good chance this is just a bot as you can hardly find a real person who can play that long. Most of the time, he will take a break as he must be tired already or it could be that he has something to do. How can he afford to play that long like he has no responsibilities even on weekends? It is most unlikely and thus, you should complain about this.

live casino online malaysia

  • When the pattern is just the same for a long time. This is another indication that you are not playing with a human. It is normal for a human to also change his patterns, especially if the patterns he uses is not making him win. So, if a player sticks to his patterns for a long time, chances are it is programmed to do so. 
  • When more than one player is always on the same position. This might not be suspicious at the start, but in time, you will really wonder. It could be that they need to be close to each other as t hey are passing some signals like gestures, and so on. So, if you notice this, you should be wary and watch them or might as well stop playing for a while. It will just make you lose focus and chances are, you will be annoyed, especially if you are losing. You will right away blame them even if you don’t have enough proof yet. 
  • You will notice that there are too many strange bets when to think that the odds are actually against them. It seems that they are not bothered by it like it is okay for them if they lose yet they are winning most of the time. 

Yes, it is really annoying when one is cheating when gambling should be for fun only. If you happen to plan to cheat in casinos, you have to be careful as their software is not as lame as it used to be. And once you are apprehended, you will surely regret it.