How to Properly Bathe Your Baby?

Giving your baby a baby bath is definitely something that parents should do. If your baby is relatively young (< than a year old), they rarely need any bath because their bodies are sufficiently equipped to fend off at least the basic stuff that their bodies emit. That means that you only have to bathe them about 2-3 times a week depending on
whether or not your baby is too dirty.

First-time parents still would like to know how to properly do things so if you want to know more information about the right way to properly bathe your baby, this article is for you.

Water is Not Enough

A lot of parents think that water is going to be enough for their young babies, but that is actually not true. Although water can indeed clean off surface dirt, it is not potent enough to kill any fat-soluble impurities that are left behind, especially if we are talking about their diaper area.

If left uncleaned, these impurities may lead to dryness and skin irritation. The reason why ordinary water can dry your baby’s skin is the fact that it contains chlorine and although that helps keep the water clean, it also extracts the moisture that is trapped in their skin cells which may cause skin irritations.

How to Properly Bathe Your Baby?

Before anything else, you can use the kitchen sink to bathe your baby so long as you put a soft thing on it (like a foam insert or a couple of soft towels). If you can afford it, you can buy a small baby bathtub as well. After doing those things, here are the steps to properly bathe your baby:

  • Put a couple of inches of warm water on the bathtub. Make sure that it is anywhere between 32-37 degrees Celsius. To ensure that it is not too hot, swirl the water using your hands until you find that it is the right temperature.
  • When holding your baby, use one arm to support their head and neck and the other to support your baby’s back. Then, gently place them inside the tub, making sure that one arm continuously supports their neck and head while the other hand is used to douse water on your baby’s body.
  • Get a cotton pad and dampen it with warm water and use it to clean the area around your baby’s eyes. Make sure that you use only one cloth pad for each eye.
  • Get a washcloth and dampen it with hot water. Then, use it to wipe the nose, mouth and the entire face of your baby by doing a circular motion. Do not forget
    to include the area behind their ears and also the creases in her neck as well.
  • You can use baby shampoos or baby wash to help clean your baby.
  • Only clean the diaper area last and make sure that you dry the entire area afterward.
  • When bathing your baby, do not keep the water running as it may affect the temperature of the water. Always keep it between 32-37 degrees Celsius.

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