The Ultimate Guide to Some of the Fun and Free Things You Can Do in Kuala Lumpur

Although there are things that you can do in Kuala Lumpur that may warrant your money, there are also those that you can either do for free or for an inexpensive price.
Sure, you can get girl escorts at a reasonable right, but some party venues might not be up to your budget.

Still, this doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy your time in this magnificent city. So today, consider this post as your ultimate guide to some of the fun and free things that you can do in Kuala Lumpur.

Have a Picnic at the Park

The Petronas Twin Towers is definitely a sight to behold but not a lot of people want to go up since they might have a fear of heights.

If you just want to hang out with your friends and family for free, then you can go to the foot of the towers and instead spend your time in the KLCC park.

This particular park is great because of the amazing views. You not only get to see the famous twin towers in all of its glory, but the Lake Symphony light show that comes to life at night is also a great sight to behold as well.

Enter the Caves

The Batu Caves is another iconic landmark in Kuala Lumpur. The place has received so many renovations through the years and even though you can pay respects and worship here, the place is actually famous for its rainbow-colored steps.

Its 272 rainbow-colored steps are something that you want to take a photo of and upload to your social media accounts. Before you can enter the famous caves, you will need to climb the stairs.

Guided Tour in the Heritage Square

Kuala Lumpur has a rich historical background that warrants anyone’s time. If you want to know more about the city, you can actually go to Merdeka Square and enroll in some of their free guided tours.

These tours will walk you through the different spots in the area where some key information are imprinted on some places.

Test Your Creativity at the Gallery

The National Art Gallery in Kuala Lumpur houses some of the city’s amazing art pieces that were made by prominent artists and leading designers.

Even though there are plenty of free museums in the metro, this place is something special because the art that is being showcased here is unlike any other.

Even if you are not an artsy person, you can marvel at some contemporary pieces here for a small price.

Go Window Shopping

The Pavilion Mall is one of the most popular shopping centers in Kuala Lumpur. Here you can find over 500 different brands and restaurants you can choose from.

The good thing here is that you do not have to spend money when you go window shopping and the mall actually permits you to do this.

The mall itself is amazing and will really help you find what you are looking for, though you need to have the money to get what you like.


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