What Are the Best Ways to Communicate with Your Bookkeeper?

What usually happens when you try to request an invoice or a financial report and you get something that is completely different? Well, you will usually go to your accounting department and look for the person who is responsible for making such things, usually the company’s own accountant or bookkeeper.

This is actually something that is quite common in certain businesses, particularly those that are not into robust accounting practices.

Do not worry as you can easily solve that by hiring accounting services in Malaysia, but if you already have an in-house bookkeeper, what would be the best way for you to communicate you and your company’s needs? Read on to find out.

Create a Set Time to Request and Review Bookkeeping Information

Requesting accounting information is not bad per se, but far too often, business owners request them pretty much without context.

For instance, if you want to approve the raise in the budget of the marketing department, you request accounting information to know how much money you have and how much you can increase the said budget.

So, you call your bookkeeper to find out the numbers, only for you to know that their accounting information is still set for the past three months. In other words, you will be given information that is abnormally low.

That is usually what happens when you just request information without context or an explanation. If you just abruptly ask for your company’s financial reports, your bookkeeper will typically not know the big picture and how the information could help you make adjustments or necessary decisions based on tangible data.

So, how do you avoid this from ever happening? Well, you can set a specific time where you can review and request for bookkeeping information.

The time that you will specify is entirely up to you, but I suggest that you only do so at regular intervals and it also has to be reasonable enough for the bookkeeper to tally, record, and provide that information to you.

Document All of Your Requests in Writing and Create Logs for Every Exchange

One of the best things that a company owner can do to help them make convey their point across is to ensure that their communication is open at all times.

Whenever you request any document from any department within your company, you have to put that into writing by creating and sending an email to them- detailing the exact piece of information that you want to get.

Aside from that, whenever the said information that you’ve requested has finally been delivered, you want to put that in a log to ensure that a transaction has been made. This helps when you try to audit your internal processes.

Give Detailed Feedback and Give Constant Reviews

For your employees to know exactly how to improve, you should give them detailed feedback of their work and give regular reviews. This is to help them improve on some areas, especially those that hamper company productivity.


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