What Are the Consequences Of Less Rainfall? 

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Some of us have prayed for the early morning rain to end so that we can rush outside in the warm sun. To enjoy a nice sunny day out on the beach or have a picnic on a dry grass field. Or even going for a simply puddle-less stroll on the road. However, as satisfying as a dry day out in the sun sounds, it is always better to be grateful for the rainy moments in our life. After all, rain is our savior in so many different ways. 

Rain is a huge part of our water cycle that is essential in maintaining life on earth. Life refers to greenery, clean air, and atmosphere, human life as well as animals. A lack of rainfall is often associated with dire consequences such as extreme drought, heat, high temperatures, loss of greenery, and animals. The impact of less rainfall is underestimated in our heads. We need much more attention to the impact of lessened rainfall on earth. The cause of less rainfall is greatly related to the effects of climate change that is caused by human actions. So let’s talk about the potential consequence of decreases rainfall on our ecosystem. 

Loss Of Vegetation 

When there is a decreased rainfall, it reflects on our food chain.  The number of resources available for both humans and animals becomes extremely restricted as a result of decreased rainfall. Plants go into extinction and the number of edible plants decreases drastically. The loss of vegetation is not only devastating news to animals and humans but also the climate and atmosphere. Without plants to clean out the air and provide oxygen our availability to clean air is also restricted. So many diseases are associated with the loss of plants. 

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More Diseases

With decreased rainfall, it is not only the plants that suffer but also human health. Our water source is extremely restricted with increased drought. Water becomes a privilege only for the rich while the poor depend on rainwater for their free water source. Many have dependent on rainwater collection from the roof. They invest in gutter repair malaysia to keep their roof in top-notch condition to collect water for domestic and consumption purposes.

As water becomes expensive, human health suffers as a result of dehydration. People resort to extreme activities as they consume unsafe water and drink even with the sediments of the ground. Unsafe water sources are a grave cause of human health loss. 

Increased Wildfires 

The year 2020 has been a disaster for many countries across the world as a result of wildfires. An entire city was also burnt down in recent years as a result of wildfires. Wildfires are natural and they are common. However, an increase in their occurrences is grave to human health. The number of casualties increases as people lose their homes. Animals lose their habitats and struggle to find food and our food chain is disrupted. Wildfires are often controlled by how dry our air is and how humid it is. Decreased rainfall plays a significant role in an increased number of wildfires. 

Droughts, desert-like states in tropical countries, bigger wildfires are increasing signs of climate change and climate change is regulated by the rainfall rate. it is important to make sure our actions no longer aggravate the situation of climate change.