Why Is Architecture Crucial to our Society?

Do you want to be a reputable architect someday? Before you get to work to a top architecture company in Malaysia, you need to endure countless hours of sleepless nights and stressful moments. Becoming an architect entails a lot of hard work and responsibility.

Basically, architecture is crucial to the environment because it offers us a place to live in. On a much deeper level, architecture offers human civilization at a specific point in time.

Architecture in itself is a great expression of true strength of the society because humans value irrevocable things. Unlike the other art forms, architecture clearly lies in complete view, and is hard to get rid of. It is a permanent expression of how our society views the physical environment, and sees itself.

Architecture is both an art and a science. As science, it responses to the functional needs of the society, while utilizing modern technology in designing buildings. As an art form, it offers an outlet for creative expression.

  • September 19, 2019

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