Alternative to online gambling that can help you earn money



All people want money. Money, money and money. It is totally true that money is difficult to gain. You need to do lots of hardwork in order to gain money. That is why some people choose an easy way out by doing something immoral or irrational. This includes gambling. Apart from visiting genting casino malaysia, people spend a lot of time joining other online gambling websites.


They think that it is the easiest way to earn money while having fun. Actually, that is not true. There are many other things that can be the alternative to online gambling that can help you earn money. Below are some of the things that you can do.


Be an e-hailing service driver


With e hailing services increasingly common as a means of transportation, this country’s market is experiencing a boom. It has led to increased employment availability for cab drivers in Malaysia. The role can be taken up part-time with reasonable salary deals. If you want to pay some debt or collect some savings, it could be your job to become an e-hailing service driver.


Grab has even launched an app feature called “My Destination” to help you manage your driving route even more precisely, which gives you jobs that won’t end too far away from your destination. When you enable it when you are about to finish your last trip, you will only get riders riding along the way.


When you are the licensed driver of the company, you will be able to open the app and request rides during your working hours. When the consumer is picked up and released, the company pays you for it. How many rides you take and how many miles you travel have an impact on your pay. In Malaysia’s tourist and urban areas, e-hailing service drivers usually earn more than RM5000.


Affiliate marketing


Affiliate marketing refers to an individual ‘s earnings made to produce revenue by selling a commodity that belongs to someone else’s company. The ability to communicate with people and influence them is essential skills for this work.


While businesses market their products differently, they often need third parties to market their products to them. If a consumer convinces a consumer that a product , service or brand is of quality and reliability, then other consumers are more affected. In addition, if you are a field expert then you will have followers and readers interested in the industry. The affiliate marketing payment comes in fee form, for the traffic you’ve created for the company. Your income depends on your scope, the companies recruiting you and your product knowledge. Your marketing knowledge and strategies will affect the money you ‘re earning as an affiliate.


Becoming rent and host travelers with Airbnb

If you are living in or own an underutilized residential real estate, try mobilizing those assets with Airbnb to gain extra money. Malaysia is the fastest-growing market for Airbnb in South East Asia, according to a New Strait Times survey. With Airbnb you can sell your services or space in many ways! For example, rent an empty space in your home or an investment property you own. If you don’t have a property to start off with, it is not a problem. Airbnb is also looking for co-hosts to help out other hosts.


Citizens no longer want to travel like tourists, they want to experience the local food and culture. They want to meet local people and to understand their lifestyle, their challenges and their opinions. Airbnb is a great initiative which gives local people business, promotes being a traveler over a tourist and gives everyone a great overall experience.


Registering on Airbnb makes the payment process easier, improves the exposure of your property to potential visitors and makes sure you ‘re safe. Only Airbnb gives its hosts cover of $1 M in property loss and injury insurance.


Become a dropshipper


Dropshipping has become a brand new phenomenon in the online marketplace, wildly mutating on its own and eventually engulfing the current eCommerce world we know. It’s one of the most viral, straightforward, simple ways to make money on the side that basically only needs you (especially your eCommerce / Shopify store) to play middle man and handle orders directly to your supplier, what goods will then be shipped to your customers. Needs no inventory.

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