Cheap Sex Toys Are Not The Way To Go: Here Is Why



Sex toys are the norm now. During the lockdown, the number of sex toys being manufactured and sold quadrupled beyond our imagination. Perhaps it was not so far-fetched. Being in isolation with none other than the companionship of our entertainment, sex toys make the perfect sense. People were desperate to have normalcy, satisfaction, and pleasure in their lives. And what’s more mind-blowing than a sex toy to bring us to endless climaxes and waves of pleasure?

Sex toys have also gotten a lot of meanings over the years. Once upon a time, it was an object of shame. But now, it is a toy synonym with empowerment. Having a sex toy is aimed to gives us a sense of confidence and sexual direction. It is also often the most comfortable way of figuring out ourselves, ofcourse, away from all the possible sexually transmitted diseases and other risk factors. 

While sex toys have minimal chance of causing any potential harm, it is not all risk-free. There carry some minor risks depending on our purchase and user habits. Sex toys are also not all the far from creating infection and carrying STIs. There has also been some research to suggest that various sex toys are associated with some serious complications to our skin. Some of them are even known to be potentially carcinogenic. 


Minimizing these risks is super easy, but it comes at a price. Buying a cheaper sex toy means the risks are always higher. Cheap indicates lowered quality and limited research and development that went into the product. A good quality product often has a higher price tag and while we might not always want to pay so much money for a sex toy, it is always better to be safe.

Here are some reasons why cheap sex toys can be bad for you! 

Often Unclear Of The Material 

Many sex toys are mass manufactured and generic, with no labels to them. And sometimes these generic sex toys you snatched for a price under $20-30 also come with unclear labels and instructions. When we don’t have much background information on sex toys, it is always a red flag. The material of a sex toy is very important for our health. Rubber materials can be dangerous and it is always advised to keep a distance from them. They are often porous so bacteria, fungus, and germs can easily penetrate.  Using a sex toy of unknown material can cause discomfort and diseases. 


Cannot Be Sterilized Easily

Sterilization becomes a problem when you have a cheap, porous sex toy. In fact, it becomes impossible to clean if the material is porous. Bacteria can constantly regrow no matter how much you disinfect and you will live in an endless cycle of exposing your intimate areas to germs. 


Sharing Them Is A Bad Idea 

Sex toys are often enjoyed between partners and even groups. From a safety perspective, it is never a good idea to share a sex toy but quality sex toys try to make this an easier prospect for people. With cheap sex toys, your ability to share them is limited, even if you sterilize the sex toy. 

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