How to make a copper plumbing fitting?

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When installing plumbing, if there are no fittings or fittings accessories it would be difficult to get to the end of the plumbing project. The copper fittings malaysia which are in reality connecting elements make it possible to assemble the various plumbing pipes while ensuring a good seal of the pipe. But every pipe and every plumbing is different, which is why there are different connection materials. The most used is the copper fitting, mainly used for its simplicity. But how do you make a copper plumbing connection?

What is a copper plumbing fitting?

In plumbing, it is mandatory to use several pipes to set up the plumbing circuit equivalent to the pipe circuit through which water will pass in construction in general. So that the pipes are well-connected to each other and that they therefore present no risk of leakage, it is imperative and compulsory to connect them properly. In addition, the connection of the pipes can turn out to be a rather technical step because there is not only one type of pipes but numerous and in this case it will be necessary to take care to choose the suitable connection. Here is some useful information to help you choose the ideal fitting for your situation.

Types and shapes of copper plumbing fittings

There are different types of pipes, of nature or material, of dimension, of shapes, all as different from each other. And of course, it is impossible to use a single pipe in an entire plumbing circuit without having to connect it at one time or another. Depending on the variety of existing plumbing pipes, there is also a variety of fittings for its latter. So plumbing fittings come in different types and shapes.

copper fittings malaysia

Types of copper or brass plumbing fittings

The types of plumbing fittings vary depending on the material with which they are produced:

  • Copper fittings are very easy to use and inexpensive on the market;
  • The brass fitting has the advantage of connecting several types of plumbing pipes: flanged neck, double cone, dielectric and manifold;

PVC fittings do not connect but stick together. In addition, they are not suitable for high pressure.

The shapes of copper plumbing fittings

There are different forms of plumbing fittings depending on the configuration and placement of the plumbing:

  • A reducer / sleeve is a one-line fitting that will connect two pipes together. More specifically, the reducer is used in the case where there is a pipe of smaller diameter than the other (we also speak of a nipple with a male side and a female side) while the sleeve is useful in the case where the two pipes to be connected are of equivalent diameter.
  • An elbow is a type of fitting which has, as its name suggests, the shape of the human elbow. It is designed to connect two pipes of the same diameter by positioning them in different angles of 25, 45 or 90.
  • A panty / A tee: This form of fitting will allow three pipes to be connected together. As the name recommends, the tee will have a T shape while the panty will be a Y shaped fitting.
  • A plug is not really used to connect the plumbing pipes but rather to close one so the plug. A visit buffer is also not a proper fitting, but rather access. Indeed, it allows access to the pipes with greater ease.

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